Winners of the sixth contest Where I want to be

Primer Premio  Vero Sanguinetti con su obra Se me va la Sangre
Vero Sanguinetti - First Price

On October, 28th prizes and special mentions of the “art during chemotherapy contest Where I want to  be VI” were given.

A big clap for the winners and congratulations to all the participants: thanks a lot for sharing your colours, emotions and dreams. Special thanks to our invited jury, the artist Elisa O’Farrell.
Category: Patients 2011 
First prize: Verónica Sanguinetti for "Se me va la Sangre"
Second prize: Miguel Benito for "Ansiedad"
Third prize: Oscar Cobos for "Círculo y Circulito"
First mention: Diego de San Martin for "Tres colores"
Second mention: Lucio Ponce for "¿Qué es?"
Third mention: Adriana Arzuaga for "Cortejo Nocturno"
Forth mention: Elena Arce for "Lo que tengo para dar"
Fifth mention: Victor Cabrera for "Eres tres"
Sixth mention: Eduardo Walger for "Mexican Boy"
Other categories:
Graduated: Ana Rosalía Lliso for "Pescadores de Río"
Caregiver: Tomas Luna for "El brujito con sus pósimas"
Clinica’s Team: Clelia Minissale for "Dar Batalla"
Major production: Adriana Arzuaga 
November, Tuesday 1st

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