We work to optimize the quality of life of oncologyc patients and their family:
  1. To Help the patient  go through each chemotherapy session as best as possible.
  2. To Offer support, information and strategies to face the different stages of the illness.
  3. To Transform a passive wait into a shared and creative activity.

The programme “Where I want to be”  takes advantage of the hospitalization,  sharing with patients and caregivers the following techniques and activities as therapeutical resources:
  • Artistic work/ Painting
  • Massage
  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Photographic register
  • Group experience
It takes into account the following principles:
  • To create an important focus of attention which enables the patient  to handle concrete situations of anxiety, fear, tension, and pain.
  • To get a great power of concentration: the patient focuses on a specific task, thus, leaving the medication aside.
  • In this way patients and their activity are the main characters, leaving chemotherapy to go by as best as possible.

From the beginning of the programme we could prove that:
  • A relaxation and deep breathing favoures the intravenous therapy and the progressive drip of the medication.
  • We also observed that by focusing on the physical work and connecting with their bodies, patients can decrease their anxiety and calm down.
  • Many patients stopped suffering from a burning sensation during the treatment by keeping focused on the activity of painting.
  • At the same time, we noticed that the aches and pains in general  decrease, while a higher tolerance to headaches and nausea is observed.
  • Patients usually stay to finish their piece of work eventhough the chemotherapy session has finished. Lots of patients come back after their treatment is over.


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