Do you want to get envolved?
There are many ways to do so


You can be part of Where I Want to Be Team.

What do you need to be a volunteer?
Mainly goodwill and commitment to give your time, help others, learn and teach, colaborate and share experiences.

In which areas you can be a volunteer?
Volunteers are esential in DQE and there are many areas to participate, for example:
  • Art classes
  • Workshops
  • Event Organization
  • Framming Paints
  • General Colaboration
  • Fundraising
  • Posters and Advertisement: Print and Design
  • Reply the System in other hospitals or health centers
  • Planning talks, seminars or exhibitions
  • Profesional assesment
  • Broadcasting

How do you help beiing a volunteer?
Volunteers are the most important resource, they are the hands, the smiles and the joy which motivate the patients and allows the constant growing of Where I Want to Be. Volunteers make true all our achievements and all our goals.

Some reasons to be a volunteer:
  • Help others.
  • Connect with others and be part of a group.
  • Be a part of a Programme that change people´s lives.
  • Use your habilities and knowledge in a productive way.
  • Deveolp new skills.
  • Expand your horizons and know other realities.
  • Feel better, grow, nourish from the experience and exchange.
  • When we help others to feel better and we see the change, we also get stronger and richer.
How to participate?
Complete the Volunteer Form and tell us in which area you want to colaborate. Many thanks. We´ll be expecting you!


Have another idea to participate?

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