Interview with Gabriela Vidal: A passionate patient

Gabriela Vidal discovered the foundation Donde Quiero Estar on Facebook - she started to follow the page in 2010 because she was interested in art and in social organizations with volunteer opportunities. She had been following the organization for six months when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2010. At the end of the year she underwent surgery to remove the cancer, and soon after she started chemotherapy. 
Up until this moment she had not had direct contact with the foundation, having only sent a few private messages to Vicky, the director. At that time, Donde Quiero Estar only had programs for oncology patients in public hospitals while they received their treatment; they did not yet have their own office. Because Gabi attended a private hospital for her treatments, she could not participate in the programs of the foundation, but she continued to follow them on Facebook. 
Last year, after discovering that the cancer had metastasized and compromised her entire pelvis, a friend suggested that Gabi should join one of the art programs in the office that the foundation had just installed that past year. Gabi spoke with María de San Martín, the art director, and began to come to the art workshops at the office. Gabi had already been painting in her spare time, but art and the purpose of art changed for her when she started attending classes at Donde Quiero Estar. Now she comes not just to paint, but to be with other people who have had similar experiences, who have also gone through this illness, and who now use it to create something new. While Gabi receives her chemotherapy in her private room at the hospital, she watches television or talks with friends, but she always imagines the rooms of the hospitals in which Donde Quiero Estar has programs, and how those communities help you to escape the room and your treatment. They help you get to where you want to be.  

Gabi has always enjoyed painting, however since she found Donde Quiero Estar, the function of painting has changed. Now painting is more like a release for her thoughts and feelings that are not easily verbalized. Gabi notes how at Donde Quiero Estar, when someone paints, their subconscious takes control of the canvas, and the final piece reflects the reality of their emotions. 

A few of Gabi's pieces 


Winners of the sixth contest Where I want to be

Primer Premio  Vero Sanguinetti con su obra Se me va la Sangre
Vero Sanguinetti - First Price

On October, 28th prizes and special mentions of the “art during chemotherapy contest Where I want to  be VI” were given.

A big clap for the winners and congratulations to all the participants: thanks a lot for sharing your colours, emotions and dreams. Special thanks to our invited jury, the artist Elisa O’Farrell.
Category: Patients 2011 
First prize: Verónica Sanguinetti for "Se me va la Sangre"
Second prize: Miguel Benito for "Ansiedad"
Third prize: Oscar Cobos for "Círculo y Circulito"
First mention: Diego de San Martin for "Tres colores"
Second mention: Lucio Ponce for "¿Qué es?"
Third mention: Adriana Arzuaga for "Cortejo Nocturno"
Forth mention: Elena Arce for "Lo que tengo para dar"
Fifth mention: Victor Cabrera for "Eres tres"
Sixth mention: Eduardo Walger for "Mexican Boy"
Other categories:
Graduated: Ana Rosalía Lliso for "Pescadores de Río"
Caregiver: Tomas Luna for "El brujito con sus pósimas"
Clinica’s Team: Clelia Minissale for "Dar Batalla"
Major production: Adriana Arzuaga 
November, Tuesday 1st

New inspiring video: story, spirit, and goals

We share our last video which we presented in the sixth exhibition and awards ceremony.

Patients, volunteers, coordinators, lots of voices and pictures to show you the programme that we have developed since 2006 at Hospital de Clinicas in Buenos Aires.

In first person: What is Where I want to be?

-“Where I want to be is to be courageous, and on top of everything, it is a place to love”
-“A place where the patients learn to smile in adversity”
-“It is to paint and enjoy of painting, not thinking about anything else. Is to paint freely”
- “Love in action"
- "The bond which is created between the patient and the therapist”
 - "A reason to offer what I have and also to receive from patients what I need”
 - "A place of encounter with the other, and through that encounter discover what’s life"
- " To go back home”
 - "Where I can express my feelings with a paintbrush in my hand”
 - "A tool that helps us travel and find peace”
 - "A place of encounter, change and belonging”
 - "A programme that gives color to the patientes’ lives"
- "To transform pain into art"
- "It is an opportunity for all of us to find ourselves through painting”
 - "It is also a proof that work, passion and commitment can change things"
- "It is a programme made with love and for love"
- "To transform pain and give sense to life”
- "Harmony, peace, to get out of oneself, to go beyond, and reach the place where we all want to be "

Thanks a lot to Roberto Arruza for filming and Delfina Grennon for  editing and the post production.
October, 31st

We invite you to the sixth exhibition and awards ceremony

invitacion-sexta-muestra-concurso-donde-quiero-estarThis Friday, 28th at 10.30 we invite you to join us at Hospital de Clínicas, 5th floor, 2200 Paraguay st, Buenos Aires.

For the sixth year in a row, we organize the exhibition of the patients, caregivers and ex patients’ works of art. We will also give out the contest awards and diplomas to participants. And as usual, there will be videos, inspiring words and a reception in a place of encounter and celebration.
We are thankful to all the companies which accompanied us in this event and to all the volunteers who are joining us for the organization.

October, 24th


We´ll be on Palermo Radio in the programme Conflicting Opinions

Radio Palermo
October, Friday, 21: Today at 21hs we will be interviewed in this programme which is broadcast by Palermo Radio FM 94.7
To listen to the programme through Internet: Opiniones encontradas online

“The most relevant and current issues together with the most highly topical subjects of our society. Comments, analysis, and conclusions from different points of view, always struggling for a better world. Today: Where I want to Be.

Conflicting opinions, presented by Dr. Raúl Olivera Rendo, directed by  Ing. Oscar Rubén Piñeiro, produced by R&O PRODUCCIONES. Winners of the National Awards, Golden Lanin 2010 and Golden Seagull 2010 to the Best Journalistic Opinion .

To participate:
Line for listeners’ messages:  5197-5318
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Find the programmes’ editions in:  www.opiniones-encontradas.com

Some of our videos