New inspiring video: story, spirit, and goals

We share our last video which we presented in the sixth exhibition and awards ceremony.

Patients, volunteers, coordinators, lots of voices and pictures to show you the programme that we have developed since 2006 at Hospital de Clinicas in Buenos Aires.

In first person: What is Where I want to be?

-“Where I want to be is to be courageous, and on top of everything, it is a place to love”
-“A place where the patients learn to smile in adversity”
-“It is to paint and enjoy of painting, not thinking about anything else. Is to paint freely”
- “Love in action"
- "The bond which is created between the patient and the therapist”
 - "A reason to offer what I have and also to receive from patients what I need”
 - "A place of encounter with the other, and through that encounter discover what’s life"
- " To go back home”
 - "Where I can express my feelings with a paintbrush in my hand”
 - "A tool that helps us travel and find peace”
 - "A place of encounter, change and belonging”
 - "A programme that gives color to the patientes’ lives"
- "To transform pain into art"
- "It is an opportunity for all of us to find ourselves through painting”
 - "It is also a proof that work, passion and commitment can change things"
- "It is a programme made with love and for love"
- "To transform pain and give sense to life”
- "Harmony, peace, to get out of oneself, to go beyond, and reach the place where we all want to be "

Thanks a lot to Roberto Arruza for filming and Delfina Grennon for  editing and the post production.
October, 31st

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